We’re a team of dedicated individuals based in Bay Area, California with backgrounds in creative. Most of us have been working with paper for most of their careers. We are intrigued by the amazing things you can craft out of paper, the ways you can reuse it and help reduce waste. We have passion for all things paper and believe the possibilities of paper are endless!

We create furniture and lifestyle pieces that are innovative, stylish, useful and green. We aim for our product to be fun, functional, durable and affordable, while improving the quality of life for our customers. Our products are made of superior quality, boast amazing craftsmanship, and feature unique designs.


KATRIS is a modular cat furniture that changing cat and cat owner’s daily living style.


We’re working on various paper-made project to discover the opportunities on paper. If you think you’re in LOVE with paper and have talent creativity and would love to join our talent team, please feel free to contact us at marketing@papercutlab.com.


We’re open to any creative ideas and interesting to help them to make them into reality. If you have any great idea in paper and would like to partner with us, please feel free to contact us at marketing@papercutlab.com.